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About Us


The Robateau-Epps Fund is a small part that continues a 100-plus year old family tradition of supporting the progressive education of students. The Robateau family of Belize, Central America, emerges from a family of successful merchant entrepreneurs of French descent from the late 1700s. Their support of both the Catholic and Anglican Church was noted for extending educational opportunities throughout Belize. The Epps family of the United States, known for its business acumen and involvement in the medical, religious, and education professions, as early as the 1870s.  Their notable ownership of land throughout the American South, after the Civil War, allowed the Epps family to leverage their properties to establish independent schools to educate African-Americans in rural areas. S. Emmanuel Epps and Lisa Robateau-Epps launched this private philanthropic initiative in memory of the generous work done for others by the Robateau and Epps families.